Bureau d'étude VIGS

Beyond a research bureau

VIGS (Innovative Cities and Knowledge Management) is an association of researchers specialised in the fields of mobility, energy and territorial planning in urban and suburban policies. VIGS offers public and private stakeholders an advice and new-generation research service.

VIGS has a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and offers solutions using political and social sciences as tools for decision-making.

Contrary to consultants specialised in transport, who mainly produce studies on traffic, the competencies used in the VIGS team allow largely qualitative and transversal research to be carried out, which adapts to the individual issues of each territory and allows you to completely fulfil your goals. The research is designed to meet your requirements for scientific, cultural and communication improvement.

The approach used, in terms of social and political sciences, as well as the capacity of the team to use their specialised scientific and technical competences, is a real value-adding engine for your mobility research and projects.

VIGS is an organisation that supports scientific and cultural events, publication projects and the improvement of research on urban policies, territories, transport and mobility.

Examples of services provided by VIGS

Studies on decision-making for public and private stakeholders

Analyses of stakeholders’ current systems to define the potential resistance to change, but also to reveal the room for change institutions wanting to launch innovative projects have. Territorial and institutional diagnostics.

Studies aiming to prepare and support procedures and participatory research

Gathering the consensus of social demand Work conducted prior or during dialogue/consultation research. At the interface between knowledge and action, we bring our expertise to recently implemented procedures to ensure a technical democracy (hybrid forums, preparing dialogues, setting up public gatherings…).

Evaluations in hindsight of public policies

VIGS sets up devices for public stakeholders to evaluate the impact of urban public policies, in terms of transport or territorial planning permissions. These evaluations can also be applied using the same methods to company decisions.