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Marie Clotilde Meillerand


Doctor of contemporary history, research fellow of the multi-disciplinary Triangle-UMR 5206 Laboratory (ENS, Lyon); Marie is currently working as a research employee for the National School of Public Works (ENTPE/Lyon University). Her work in research has focused on long-term urban policies in view of the current situation, more specifically on the development of metropolitan areas and their ties with the peripheries, with particular interest in the independence of territories and the institutional structures of these new geographies. In 2015, for VIGS, she led a study on the economic levers of culture in the context of differentiated urban developments. In 2016, with Maxime Huré, she completed a report for ADEME on “Urban, mobility and suburban territory structures”. In 2017, she began research on the issues of energy insecurity in different contexts (urban, suburban and rural), in relation to the current public policies and the potential adjustment that can be made. Finally, in 2016, with the VIGS team, she co-hosted a seminar for MEDE/PUCA titled “20 year history of urban public actions”, discussing the theme of the major urban production transformations since the 1990s.

At the same time, based on these research results, she has been working, in local communities or cultural institutions, on tools for transferring and sharing knowledge that aim to guide social issues by means of an inclusive approach (collection of testimonials as an intergenerational vector; scripting of interactive web-documentaries as a gateway to culture; educational games as a mediation/citizenship tool; participation of exhibition scientific consultation in innovative approaches…)

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