VIGS aims to provide support for workshop and continuous training courses intended for stakeholders in local communities and professionals in the transport, energy and urban and suburban planning industries. VIGS offers training courses on the analysis and evaluation of public policies to agents working daily on the sustainable planning of territories. Site, project or land visits are organised for the courses, conferences and demonstrations.

Type of intervention

Types de formations données par VIGS - Acteurs publics et privés sur les thématiques des politiques publiques dans le domaine des transports et de l'aménagement du territoire

As required, VIGS can participate in the following:

  1. Talks/Conferences

  2. Coordination of training days

  3. Organisation of debates

  4. Participatory workshops

  5. Scientific entertainment

  6. Supervision of internships and dissertations

  7. Field and territorial visits

Who does it concern?


The training courses offered by VIGS are intended for all audiences, from the public to the private sector, involved in sectors engaged with the issue of transport and territorial development:

  1. Large corporation executives

  2. Transport engineers

  3. Project managers

  4. Elected representatives

  5. Associations

  6. Students

Training themes

L’innovation dans les transports et la mobilité

The main themes covered by the members of VIGS are:

  1. Innovation in transport and mobility

  2. The main paradigms and stakeholders in the conduct of mobility policies

  3. The management of public action

  4. Alternative mobility

  5. The management of urban services

  6. Institutional and territorial issues in the context of reform

  7. The organisation of transport in cities and suburban and rural territories