Sustainable mobility, transport policy, SMART Cities sustainable development, intermodality, energy and mobility transition...
Urban and suburban planning, territories and economic development, urban policy, social and cultural dynamics of territories...
Territory and innovation, urban services, urban and territorial renewal, urban alternatives, foresight...

10 years of studies serving the projects of tomorrow

Since 2011, VIGS has mobilized the expertise of its network of researchers

around mobility, planning and public policy issues

to assist those who carry the future.


VIGS is a research association of a new kind, which brings together multidisciplinary researchers to offer decision-makers a cutting-edge scientific approach and resolute qualitative methodologies.


VIGS is first and foremost an association of researchers specialized in urban policy issues: transportation, land use planning, energy…


VIGS offers workshops and continuing education modules for local government officials and professionals in the transportation and urban planning sectors.


VIGS advises and assists public and private actors in making decisions. Thanks to its expertise in public policy on transportation and land use planning, VIGS helps you make the right decisions.

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