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Sébastien Gardon

Photo de Sébastien GardonSébastien Gardon is a political science graduate and project leader at the Ecole Nationale des Services Vétérinaires (VetArgo Sup, Marcy-l’Etoile campus)

He has worked on three research projects for the French National Agency of Research (PRELAT, RESENDEM and AAE). He has contributed to several studies for the SCNF, Plan Urbanism Construction et Architecture, DREES-MIRE, NACRe and the Rhône-Alpes region. His work “Goût de bouchons: Lyon, les villes françaises et l’équation automobile” was published by Descartes et Cie in 2011 and (with Maxime Huré) Les cahiers de la mobilité territoriale (3 booklets) in 2013 (General Secretariat for the SNCF). More generally, his expertise covers mobility and urban planning policies, territorial issues, as well as in the organisation and capabilities of local communities.

At the RIVES laboratory of the National School of Public Works, he prepared a thesis on the Management of Urban Traffic: French Cities and Motor Vehicles, which he presented in June 2009 at Sciences Po Lyon.

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