Sylvanie Godillon

Geographer-urbanist and researcher associated with the Geography-Cities laboratory (UMR 8504), I conduct research on mobility issues in relation to urban policies. More specifically, I am interested in the practices and perceptions of users of different modes of transportation (individual, shared, self-service), as well as public policies on mobility in relation to the ecological transition and environmental health.

I work for the Urban Planning Agency of the Lyon metropolitan area, while supervising students from ENTPE and Lyon 3 University. I use these different skills for the VIGS association as an active participant of the Board of Directors.

Julie Calnibalosky

As a geographer and urban planner, I recently graduated from the Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Development at the Panthéon-Sorbonne University. I am particularly interested in the evaluation of public policies on mobility, which led me to analyze the Rouen metropolitan strategy of the Plans de Déplacements Employeurs (employer travel plans) and to formulate realistic and sustainable improvements to overcome mobility constraints in the suburban territories of Normandy. In the context of my dissertation, I then explored the socio-economic determinants that lead to a differentiation of cycling practices between Paris and its inner suburbs, beyond the physical facilities implemented in the context of various cycling policies.

Since November 2020, I have been participating in VIGS projects by conducting an evaluation of the effects of free transportation on the mobility of young people between 15 and 25 years old in this territory. At the same time, I lead with Maxime Huré the scientific committee of the Observatoire des villes du transport gratuit and the network of partner communities.

Julie Vaslin

I am a sociologist of public action, specializing in the analysis of urban governments. In my political science thesis, I studied the politics of graffiti in Paris, through the prism of the construction of public problems and the administration of graffiti, at the crossroads between urban cleanliness and cultural policies. As an extension of this work, I conducted an investigation in Dunkirk on the transformation of mobility policies under the effect of the transition to free public transportation. Graffiti, cleanliness, culture and mobility: different objects, but all studied under the angle of the political and administrative reconfigurations that are played out around their government, at the municipal and intermunicipal levels.

My research with VIGS began in 2015, when I joined the research team in charge of writing the study « Culture and territorial dynamics ». In this framework, I conducted a comparison of cultural policies in two small industrial cities, Annonay and Thiers, as well as an analysis of cultural dynamics around film festivals in rural areas. In 2020, VIGS won the ADEME’s « Economic, ecological and social transitions » call for research and offered me a one-year post-doctoral contract during which I studied the transformation of the professions of the public and private actors who, in Dunkirk, implemented free transportation. This study, conducted with Maxime Huré, will feed my next publications. I am also a member of the scientific committee of the Observatoire des villes du transport gratuit.

Etienne Faugier

Lecturer in tourism at the University Lumière Lyon II. Holder of a PhD in history, I am attached to the Laboratoire d’Études Rurales (EA 3728). My research focuses on the history of mobility and tourism in France and Canada in the contemporary period. I am particularly interested in motorized mobilities in peripheral spaces (rural spaces) and in public policies around the development of station districts.

I am currently the president of the Past-Present-Mobility (P²M) association which promotes research dedicated to transportation and mobility. I am also a member of the scientific committee of the Rail et Histoire sud-estantenna promoting railway studies in the southeast region.

Within the VIGS association, I participate since 2021 in the Board of Directors to boost the links with other associations such as the association Passé-Présent-Mobilité (P²M) and the association Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T²M). I assist in the valorisation of VIGS with actors potentially interested in working with us (search for partnerships).

Marie-Clotilde Meillerand

As a professor of contemporary history, researcher at the LAET Laboratory at the University of Lyon, and associate researcher at the Triangle Laboratory (UMR 5206), I conduct research on issues of vulnerability and precariousness, particularly around energy issues and ecological transition. I am particularly interested in the games of actors and public policies that are deployed by comparing metropolitan territories, its peri-urban margins and rural territories.

Within the VIGS association, I am invested in the training component of our structure, within the framework of a partnership with the CNFPT on the issues of territorial dialogue around the challenges of mobility and urban development. I am also part of the supervisors of the Public Factory of Sciences Po Lyon on pedagogical projects of research-actions with various sponsors (Social landlords, AMRF, SGAR, Metropolis of Lyon…).

I also co-piloted the seminar with PUCA on the theme  » Looking back on 20 years of public action in French cities 1995-2015 « . Finally, I am in charge of the themes of social and energy precariousness and vulnerability in connection with urban development and ecological transition,  within the framework of a partnership with ADEME (Résiliterre, 2020-2021).